Marshall Silver Jubilee

The Return of Marshall Amplifiers to Mojo’s Music

Greetings Everyone,

Our decision to bring Vox amplifiers back in to our family of products has been so successful that we decided to bring back another legendary brand of amps.  Probably the most legendary amplifier of all time,  Marshall Amps have returned to Mojo’s Music!  We sold these for many years and for various reasons, none of them all that great, we parted ways for a while.  We have seen the error of our ways and once again have Marshall Amplifiers in stock.  We just got in our first few models, with more on the way as they become available.  If you want a model that we don’t have, we can get anything Marshall makes, so please let us know.  Many of the all-time guitar greats, including the greatest of all time (Jimi, of course) got their signature sound playing through a Marshall stack or two.  Marshall, The Sound of Rock. Come on by and plug in!  Thanks for reading.