Duesenberg Guitars

The name stands firm in the deep German tradition of excellence. Our guitars feature more than style and appeal; they express our love for music and our intentions to provide you an instrument that will impact the history of music one player at a time.

German Pickup Engineering:
Looking back in history we have seen some vintage pickups from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s really inspired the face of music, as we know it. We at Duesenberg have taken on the same challenge to produce our own identity and sound through the painstaking attention to visual and technical details. All enthusiasts know – that vintage is just that, vintage. So the question is why have we attracted many of the top players in the world who are known to play only vintage with a new guitar? One word, tone.

Mojo’s Music proudly carries Duesenberg Guitars.  Come see why they are so special.

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